X, formerly known as Twitter, has unveiled two new innovative new features aimed at advertisers to improve their control and safety measures in a more automated way. These new measures will work together to enable an enhanced level of protection for X advertisers.

Sensitivity Setting:

“Sensitivity Settings” are designed to enable advertisers to tailor their brand’s messaging with content on “X” that aligns well with their own unique sensitivity needs. It is an automated solution that will help brands strike the right balance between suitability and reach when it comes to ad placements on their platform.

In a recent blog post, X elaborated on the three levels of sensitivity they will be introducing, with “Standard” sensitivity as the default option:

“Sensitivity Settings” will roll out soon within the coming weeks on the X Ads Manager.

Enhanced Blocklist:

In collaboration with industry partners, X has also created an industry-standard, automated blocklist aiming to protect advertisers from appearing adjacent to unsafe key words in the Home Timeline (for example, “You” and “Following”).

Although their work is ongoing, X has expressed that these newly introduced solutions signify important milestones in their journey towards enduring brand safety and suitability efforts. As per their blog post, X remains committed to giving advertisers enhanced control, promising to continually develop new features for their benefit.