“We will make sure that the X competitor to LinkedIn is cool.”

X, formerly known as Twitter, has launched its latest feature – “XHiring”, which allows verified organizations to post job listings on their respective platform handles.

Responding to a post by Twitter user Ian Zelbo, who wrote, “Is there anything worse than LinkedIn?”, Musk criticized the other platform for its “cringe level” and promised that X’s competitor will be “cool”.

Soon after, X announced the launch and early access of X Hiring Beta. This feature will allow verified organizations to take advantage of X’s massive user post to post hiring alerts and job listings, making it easier to reach their desired candicates.

This feature is currently only available for organizations with verified accounts (those with yellow check marks). The subscription fee for these accounts are USD 1000 per month, with additional fees for affiliated subaccounts.

Musk first hinted about introducing a job-hiring feature on X in May. Responding to a user’s suggestion that Twitter should include dating, services, Musk said, Interesting idea, maybe jobs too.”Β 

The unveiling of “XHiring” widens X’s scope into the tech industry and brings it one step closer to becoming the “everything app” that Elon Musk apparently wants it to be. However, the idea that Elon Musk’s site will challenge LinkedIn, a long-established job hiring platform, is currently doubtful. Furthermore, X’s success will depend on whether its users will cooperate with Elon Musk’s slew of added features, and whether the famous microblogging platform will continue to dominate the social media market in the future.