Whilst we have entered into 2022, as marketers, it is best to keep a track of the campaigns that left a mark last year. Some created warmth with their message delivered in the most creative ways while come campaigns backfired!

We have listed down some of the most memorable campaigns of 2021 which will inspire marketers for the new year!

1) Facebook delivers a message of hope

With tough times shadowing over employees due to the downhill condition of the Indian economy, Facebook’s campaign was like a warm hug.

The ad covers a young female employer who supports unemployed people during shattering times. With over 28 million views on YouTube, the Ad’s intention of delivering the message of ‘Calling for help’ was successfully delivered.

2) Dove speaks about beauty norms 

During hard times, Dove does not fail to focus on issues faced by most Indian women who are looking to get married. The appreciated Dove campaign features questioning basic stereotypes and stands against colourism. The campaign encourages Indian society to see real beauty and accept every physical appearance. #StopTheBeautyTest

3) Bhima Jewellery encourages gender acceptance 

The latest campaign by Bhima Jewellery with the tagline ‘Pure as love’ portrays a transgender man transitioning into a woman. Throughout their transition, they are supported by family members and are fascinated by enticing jewellery. With almost a million views, the bold ad beautifully captures this journey.

4) Tanishq simple gesture of warmth

The recent campaign that featured a confused girl who then makes up her mind about getting engaged by feeling loved and understood, is a simple yet remarkable piece. With over 4 million views, it proves that campaigns can be easy yet effective and keep the audience feeling wholesome with their emotional tone. \

5) Cadbury supports local businesses 

The pandemic had a tragic effect on the Indian economy as it brought down hundreds of local businesses. To give such businesses a kickstart, Cadbury came up with a brilliant idea to show support. Featuring Shah Rukh Khan, these Ads could be personalised according to different businesses. The video was aired and personalised for over 7000+ stores and successfully uplifted sprites.