The coronavirus pandemic has led to most people having to work from home in different capacities due to the lockdowns. Naturally, this has resulted in several innovations being built around the Working From Home experience. Workplace from Facebook is rolling out a new set of updates to enhance this experience.


  • Chat iOS app

The new Workplace Chat iOS app will be an upgrade over the existing app. It will be made faster, more responsive, easier to use and smaller in size so that more people use it.

  • Dark Mode

Dark mode will now be accessible on both the desktop version of Workplace and the Chat iOS app. Staring at our screens for long hours, especially in low light, can severely strain our eyes. The dark mode was introduced to reduce this strain and it will also consume less battery so we won’t have to constantly connect our phones to a charger.

  • Faster Navigation

To enhance the working from home experience further, Facebook is also working on boosting the navigation speed on the desktop version of Workplace. On top of this, they are adding ways to improve the post creation process and the conversations on the platform. This will help people with slow internet speeds to work more efficiently.


The mobile/app updates have already rolled out and facebook will upgrade the desktop experience by the end of September.