While various creative campaigns have caught our eye on Women’s Day, one selectively stands out by portraying the real essence of the day; To be a Woman and celebrate this identity.

Team LVMH India celebrates the story and lives of 9 commendable women who are not only women physically or by birth, but also include individuals who think and emote like a woman, and most importantly, identify themselves as women.

They introduced India’s first photo book to be displayed at LVMH Paris stores

Oindrila Malik, Head of Creative Strategy and Branding added “This book is just not about pretty faces. It is about stories, journeys, battles and victories. It is about the choices we make and how we stand up to them. With this photobook, we intend to make these stories from India get a global reach. This photo book would be displayed at the brand stores of LVMH stores across Paris, and is the first such photo book to be sent from any Asian country for the House of LVMH,”

The House of LVMH’s latest campaign- She/Her brings together 9 stunning individuals who not only find happiness in being a woman but also proudly identify as one.

“When I got the brief of this campaign and the moment I heard about the idea, all the women in my life who have shaped my life came to mind. I have always been very thrilled about their stories. It is not just about one day for me where we celebrate Women’s Day and forget about it the rest of the year. Their stories will be an inspiration for me throughout my life. And what better than a photo book to preserve all of these beautiful stories in one place. Working for the House of LVMH has been an honour for me and since this is the first-ever creative to go out of India, I am particularly thrilled about it”, says Kuldeep Rohilla, Lead Photographer 


About these EXTRAordinary Women and their Wonders 

1) Sheetal Agarwal

A former introvert who has been wowed by the concept of medical clowning and wanted to constantly feel the surreal experience of sharing joy and bringing smiles to faces. With constant efforts and the will to mentally ease the pain, she realised that “ medical clowning is not only healing for the patients but also for the ones doing it.”

2) Rudrani Chhetri 

With the determination to never give up and the hope to go a long way.

“It is only going to be upward and onward from here for the community,” says Rudhrani who wishes that everyone gets to learn and live with respect. She is the founder of India’s first transgender modelling agency, BOLD. and also a founder member of the first Community-based organization (CBO) in Delhi called Mitr Trust (2005)

3) Suviena Bagrodia

She is an A-league B-school graduate and has quit a full-time high paying career to do something that she finds fulfilling i.e., teaching. “We live a life and not a career,” says Suviena.


“With this special project, I got the chance to be a part of nine really exceptional and unique stories. Each person comes with their own sense of style, individuality, journey and expression. All I wanted was to do justice to their personalities. Keeping that as my ultimate goal, I thought of the style and direction accordingly, post that the entire process became so effortless and we as a team could justify their beautiful journeys. I am taking a lot back with me after this project- strength, inspiration, love and so many special friends who are now family.”, added Jahnvi Bansal, Lead Stylist


4) Zareen Kahai 

One of the very few women in India with a Travel Guide licence who has achieved what she wanted even in a male-dominated stream.

“ To achieve success, one has to be bold, fearless and very courageous,” says Zareen who looks forward to inspiring other women with her unending dedication and passion towards something she loves.

5) Urmi Bhattcherya

A journalist and an author of a critically acclaimed book ‘After I Was Raped’ that features the moving real-life stories of women and children who survived rape. This one-of-a-kind book in its genre is published to ask vital questions and notice the change that it brings to lives.

6) Silpa Das 

She is an IP lawyer and a theatre actor who is in a long-distance marriage for the last 3 years just to give back to the theatre community of India. Her lasting passion for the same is what’s inspiring and allows her to create a healthy balance.

7) Yashwinder

Having the heart of a woman and channelling her, Yashwinder has been working with an LGBTQ community and has been open about her transitioning journey as a way to inspire others and help them accept who they really are.

“We love the diversity in nature, so we love different coloured flowers, trees, animals, sky, water and mountains, but we disrespect the same diversity in humans, be it in the form of colour, caste, religion, size, shapes, gender & sexuality. Strange isnt it?. Let’s shun such barriers, love and respect the diversity which is universal in nature.” says Yashwinder, founder of the first transgender salon in Delhi.

8) Bruna

A young tattoo artist who has led the life of a man for 25 years but identifies as a woman now. She strongly believes in the concept of Shiva and Shakti being one and hence believes that though her body is of a man, a woman also resides within her.

9) Suparnaa Chadda

A UN awardee who conducts menstrual hygiene sessions and talks about fact-based information to educate women about the same.

“With Gender sensitivity & sustainability the core, effecting a behavioural change in mindsets have become our vision and mission,” says Suparnaa


“For me, this isn’t just a project. And these women aren’t just any other women. They have become a part of my life. Each of them has a unique journey, filled with struggles and hurdles. but what is inspiring is their strive to patiently remain dedicated to their craft and reach success. That’s what keeps me motivated to keep going! I remember the first day I got on a call with all 9 women to brief them about the campaign and get to know them better. Little did I know that their stories would leave an ever-lasting impact on me. I am so excited for the world to see a Women’s Day campaign in its most authentic form.”, says Anika Parekh, PR Lead