Meta is constantly working towards improving the applications under it. Its primary focus is the instant-messaging app, WhatsApp on which newer features are introduced every now and then.

Meta now announces the introduction of the ‘Business Search’ feature on WhatsApp that will allow users easy access to any brand they desire.

Through this latest introduction, what Meta intends is to make connecting with a brand easier by allowing the users to make a seamless purchase within the app itself.

WhatsApp will soon provide a smooth end-to-end shopping experience for all users through this enhanced feature wherein they can shop from their favourite brands with just a search.

The Business Search feature will initially launch in Brazil, followed by other countries.

“Starting today, people can search for a brand or a small business right on WhatsApp. If you run a business in Brazil, that means people will be able to find you, contact you and purchase from you all in one WhatsApp chat, and were working to bring this experience to more countries in the coming months too. This is the next step for business messaging and Im looking forward to hearing about the opportunities this unlocks for all of you,” said Mark Zuckerberg in the WhatsApp Business Summit in Brazil.