With over 1.5 billion users across the world, Whatsapp has become a staple on every smartphone today. While we can not deny the convenience it brings into both our private and social lives, it has also become notorious as a platform for spreading rumours and fake news. With the myriad of groups that people make and participate in on the app, rumours in the form of forwards can become viral before we even finish reading them.

To counter this issue, Whatsapp India came up with a brilliant campaign of TVCs with the help of Taproot Dentsu and the filmmaker Shirsha Guha Thakurta. This TVC campaign encouraged people to share joy and positivity instead of spreading unverified information. These rumours can often give rise to cases of fraud or fan flames of hatred and communalism among people.

With Whatsapp being an integral part of people’s lives, what we read on it might be of some value to most people. And it may be easy to click on that forward button without verifying the information but Whatsapp urges us to take a moment and think about the many positive ways we can use the app to put smiles on people’s faces instead of spreading hate through rumours.