Has your Instagram feed been taken over by extremely long posts off late? A new glitch on Instagram allowed users to put up posts that would keep you scrolling on and on for a while. This, for apparent reasons, has become quite the attention seeker among trends on the gram.
The oversized image glitch was caused because of a bug that led to long photos not being cropped properly. As with any bug, this one was exploited by users to create some fun and inventive posts. These posts began showing up on the 6th of May and became a trend almost instantly. Facebook has since addressed the issue and partially fixed it, resulting in a server error upon attempting to post a long image, preventing users from posting them anymore.
The bug only seemed to affect the iOS version of Instagram, however, Android users could also enjoy the stretched-out posts on their feed.

Here’s a tutorial on how you could create the extra-long photo for your gram.

The glitch lasted for a very short while but several brands hopped onto the long post train and even those who missed out made sure to make witty posts referencing the same.

Here are some of our favourite posts made around the long posts


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