Weikfield Foods, the popular maker of products like Custard Powder, Corn Flour and Baking Powder, has announced the introduction of Weikfield Iron Fortified Pasta.

In order to promote the product, the company has launched a campaign featuring its very own CEO, DS Sachdeva, undergoing a lie detector test. This startling move is to re-affirm Weikfield Fortified Pasta’s bold nutritional claims, highlighting its rich content of protein, fiber, iron, and absence of refined flour aka Maida. Their new campaign thus appeals to the rational and emotional sensibilities of its audience to assure them of the benefits of Weikfield’s new product.

Weikfield took to YouTube and Instagram to post this video, with the caption, “This Pasta Day, witness as we set out to prove that Weikfield’s Fortified Pasta is not just a marketing gimmick! Watch our CEO, D.S. Sachdeva, take on the ultimate challenge: a lie detector test, to reveal the truth about our product’s authenticity!”

Sachdeva expressed his thoughts on the launch, stating: “Weikfield has always strived to assist mothers in striking the right balance between taste and nutrition. In India, pasta often gets wrongly labelled as junk food. Most don’t realise that most pastas like Weikfield Pasta, inherently made from wheat and often served with vegetables and white pasta sauce (laden with cheese and milk), is a nutritional powerhouse. It essentially combines the goodness of Roti, Sabji, and Doodh. As industry pioneer, we’re determined to rectify this misconception through a differentiated product as well as with a differentiated communication. Through our iron-fortified pasta range we wanted to offer Indian consumers the taste of authentic Italian pasta along with the power of micronutrients.”

He added: “We have thus gone the extra mile to ensure that we too don’t compromise on the qualitative aspect of our product simply to match the pricing of other products available in the market. This launch is not just an addition to our product line; it’s a transformation in how pasta is perceived – as wholesome meal choice for children.”

He also dove deeper into the inspiration behind their unique and unconventional campaign, sharing: “Typically, consumers are skeptical of marketing claims. What better way to shatter that skepticism? When my marketing team came up with the idea of me taking a lie detector test on camera, I didn’t hesitate.”

Nor was it just Sachdeva who underscored the vitality of this new product and Weikfield’s commitment to healthy nutrition. According to noted pediatric Dr. Indu Khosla, “Iron is the mineral that babies and children need for good health and development. Iron deficiency can affect how older children do in school. Low levels of iron can make it hard for children to concentrate and cause them to feel tired and weak. And as Weikfield pasta contains iron content equivalent to having two bowls of spinach then it can surely be a great option.”

Weikfield’s new product will be available in 3 shapes: Penne, Elbow, and Fusilli. It will also be widely available in top retail and stores and also on most ecommerce platforms across major metros in India. This ensures that it will have the maximum reach as possible.