Hindustan Unilever dishwashing liquid’s brand Vim has recently astonished netizens with the launch of their newest product which is… a fake item!

HUL was seen advertising a newly packaged product that was made particularly for men. It was released to encourage men to do chores they would otherwise escape.

With its obvious parody of making Vim ‘manly’, this cheeky campaign left the audience in awe.

The set of films released followed the same simple tone of a man boasting about doing the dishes and the people around him praising him for the same.

The brand’s mocking tone instigated a conversation on multiple platforms. Viewers initially seemed confused about this campaign.

The brand later revealed its true intentions of teasing the viewers and normalising men as having basic life skills.

However, despite appreciation, the brand also received severe backlash for its wit and for releasing a fake product with sexist taglines and promotions.

What it truly did was bring men doing menial household chores to the discussion table.

Even though this product campaign was a complete shocker, building such a theme wasn’t something new for Vim. Over the years, the brand has been seen initiating conversations on stereotypes through such unique campaigns.

For example, the 2020 series of the IPL campaign featured cricketer Virender Sehwag trying to figure out how to do the dishes.

Following it was another ad campaign in 2021 that portrayed how women are expected to do the chores. The woman in the ad was seen setting an example as she offers to help a man by doing the chores rather than being expected to do everything herself.

This sarcastic new Vim Black for men Campaign has been well received by viewers and started conversations across various platforms. Isnt that what Vim wanted?

Its no doubt that this campaign acted as a vehicle to bring about greater paradigm shifts in breaking gender stereotypes.