With the rampant spread of fake news around the world, particularly through big news stations, real journalism and the search for truth is under threat. This has got to do with the fact that in the last 12 years, 1109 journalists were killed in cold blood for taking a stand against corruption and crime and for uncovering uncomfortable truths about politicians and other powerful people.

Several of the times, the search for the truth often means certain death in many countries and this often takes place in the journalists’ own cites. These murders do take place in war zones and crime-infested localities but even the average street corner could be a dangerous place for the journalists who speak up for the truth and yet they brave through the risks day in and day out to keep the truth alive. UNESCO, along with the agency DDB Paris, came up with the #KeepTruthAlive campaign to raise awareness about the grave situation that freedom of the press is in right now while urging people to take a stand for journalists. The imagery in the campaign shows how the simplest of activities could be deadly for journalists. It also created a map to show every journalist who was killed for standing up against the crime and corruption of powerful people. You can view the map here.