Brands online are constantly fighting an unending battle to be recognized online and most importantly, ‘followed’. The initial step toward getting more followers on any social media platform is by making sure that the account is made ‘Public’ or ‘Open’ to get a better reach and allow anyone to take a look at the content freely, without any barriers or delay.

But why isn’t CRED allowing everyone to view their profile? 

CRED has recently been a buzz topic as it took a questionable step that has people desperate for answers. CRED has made its Instagram profile ‘Private’, allowing only chosen ones to view the content it offers.


The act of making an account Private on Instagram is actually a marketing strategy that is being practised by not only CRED but also various other brands. This was initially seen on Facebook groups and is now switched to this platform.

By doing so, CRED and other brands give out the impression of being more interested in giving out quality content rather than just focusing on the reach. It gives the followers a feeling of being welcomed on the page and appreciated.

Not only this but going Private also means that the followers on the page narrow down to the people who are genuinely interested in iterating or being redirected rather than getting futile traffic.

CRED wanted to create a sense of FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) in the audience. CRED aced influencer marketing through this FOMO as it was then hyped by influencers through posts, reels and memes that took over everyone’s feed and further enhanced their curiosity.

CRED encouraged the audience to keep speculating and wanting to ‘get in’. Getting better control of the audience and allowing them a closed space to interact and feel the brand connect has also been made possible with a simple strategic marketing move.