Twitter has finally released its long-tested feature for advertisers. This latest feature under the name ‘Campaign Planner’ is released mainly for investors in the advertisement industry. The feature makes various noteworthy contributions and promises to act as a forecasting tool before making investments on Twitter. 

Even though this feature has only been released in major parts of the world, the purpose of the tool makes it desirable worldwide. Currently, available in the US, UK and Japan, Campaign Planner gives a better understanding of the size and cost of getting back the desired result. 

Through this tool, advertisers are said to benefit with- 

  • Analysing the reach, impressions and frequency 
  • Understanding the audience and the duration necessary to run a campaign 
  • Understanding the budget 
  • Creating a custom campaign and saving it as drafts

Twitter has taken this Campaign Planner a step further with the introduction of recommendations that enables enhanced ease while making an informed media plan. 

In the upcoming weeks, Twitter is said to add more such interesting features to this forecasting tool and make it the ultimate solution for better-paid media strategies.