Twitter’s recently launched feature ‘Tip Jar’ sees itself in hot water. The feature was supposed to generate a source of income for their users, with all the proceeds, at least at launch, going directly to the creator.

Albeit a good initiative from Twitter, significant issues have arisen from the feature.

Cybersecurity expert, Rachel Tobac, has pointed out that people may even share their personal addresses unintentionally when they provide a ‘post’ and pay through PayPal.

Therefore, if the recipient you gave to get the PayPal receipt, it would be able to get a personal address – a relatively important consideration for privacy.


Soon enough, Twitter issued a statement with regards to updating the process. Twitter suggests that the trouble with PayPal is that, as PayPal communicates with its wording, users either choose the payment “goods and services” from the website or choose the payments “mates” and families, which do not include all of the information.


But users would possibly share your address information with whomever you make a Twitter tip if you have a company PayPal account. Twitter stated that they would certainly try to fix this, but it is a pretty important early bump that must be updated before a bigger roll-out takes place.

The good news is that the Tip Jar still remains in its testing mode which means by the time Twitter fully rolls out the feature, the issues raised would be taken care of and would enable creators on the platform to earn money for their content without any technical hassles.