With privacy on the internet becoming a growing issue, Twitter has begun testing new options and features to tighten their users privacy and also create options that would help users understand the various privacy settings and options and would also provide more transparency to them.

Twitter is currently testing new prompts for users when they change their privacy settings which would provide users with a blueprint of the impact of change on their account and tweets.

The new proposed update would help users having protected/private accounts interact with being reminded that if you had a protected account and answered someone you were not following you that you could not view your answer if you did not convert to Public together with an on-going alert to change there and then.

In this way, users might be better aware of the implications of such changes of their wider use in Twitter, which could in fact be vital for individuals who have privately held their tweets owing to individual worries or difficulties. If the reply was to make their tweets public abruptly, they probably need to be aware of that before moving through.

Twitter is also thinking about a new, more transparent account switching procedure, which is incorporated into the tweet composer and provides more visibility.

As you can see above, your avatar, name, handling and privacy status would be displayed on the composer window, helping users not tweet from the wrong account and perhaps posting a public tweet designed for their private viewers.