Twitter has announced that it will start testing advertisements on Fleets, Twitter’s take on Instagram and Snapchat’s disappearing stories for tweets.

The intention of monetizing the app further comes from Twitter’s goal of doubling its annual revenue by 2023 from last year’s.

According to Twitter senior product manager Justin Hoang and global product marketing manager Austin Evers, “Fleet ads are full-screen billboards for advertisers.” They further went on to state that, “Appearing in between Fleets from people who are sharing pictures from the dog park in Fort Funston or video of their morning coffee stroll in Williamsburg, Fleet ads are all about connecting your message with the everyday.”

Fleet ads would support images and video in 9:16 and the video ads would be up to 30 seconds long. Brands would also have the option to add a “swipe-up” call-to-action and would also be able to access the ad metrics for impressions, profile visits, clicks, and website visits, along with video views, 6s video views, quartile reporting, amongst others.

These test ads are currently limited to a select group of people in the USA on both iOS and Android. The fast-food franchise Wendy’s was one of the first brands to test its ads on Fleets besides other brands from various markets.

Twitter said that they would seek to understand how the ads perform for customers on Fleets and gauge the effectiveness of it.