2021 has been the year that Twitter users have discovered that they all have famous celebrities as ancestors. Except there is a plot twist, their ancestors aren’t famous, it’s just a new Twitter trend.

Since the last month, users have been sharing modern-day photos of celebrities and iconic TV moments in a black and white filter and then claiming they are their ancestors from nearly a century ago.

It all started when Twitter user @ctrlzhara tweeted a black and white picture of Kiera Knightly and Cillian Murphy from a behind-the-scenes shot of the period drama The Edge of Love, jokingly claimed that the pair were their grandparents in Basra, Iraq in 1960.

Ever since the post went viral, there has been a barrage of similar posts flooding into the gates of Twitter.  While most of them feature a celebrity as someone’s grandparent, users haven’t failed to use classic internet memes and turn them into old-fashioned photos to say they are historic moments from the past.