Twitter users will soon be able to have a new version of the app, Twitter Blue. A paid version, Twitter Blue will enable users to a range of paid tools for $2.99 (Rs. 210).

According to app researcher, Jane Manchun Wong, the paid version would allow users premium functions such as Collections for Bookmarks, which would enable users to categorize their saved tweets into topic folders and would also give access to users to an ‘undo tweets’ option that would let users retract their tweets within a certain period after posting.

She further made a statement claiming, “Twitter is also working on tiered subscription pricing model, with one tier having more paid features than the other For example, users on higher-priced tiers could enjoy premium experiences, such as clutter-free news reading experience (Twitter acquired Scroll recently).”

Twitter acquired Scroll earlier this month. Scroll allows users to pay a single subscription fee which is applied to each article they read from partner sites. This means users can avoid paywalls and remove in-content ads without any subscriptions. Scroll then passes on the relevant fees from your Scroll subscription to the relevant websites based on your activity

Twitter is yet to make any announcements on the premium plan. As a result, there has been no public announcement of the service’s specifications, pricing, or launch date. It is still unclear if these paying features would encourage Twitter users to contribute to the service. Rising data protection issues on social media sites indicate that Twitter will need to reassure its customers about data security in order for them to continue using the app. We’ll have to wait for an official announcement from Twitter for more details.