“New Viral Game by The Chapaak Boys.”

A new game has taken over the internet for those with large friend groups.

The origin of this reel on Instagram by Maan Tomar, which has since gone viral with over 78.1 million views till date.


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The gang has also made a YouTube video detailing the “rules” of the game:

What are the game rules? According to Tomar: “One person throws the pillow (any object) to another person seated randomly and say “Mogambo” loudly. People seated both sides of the person receiving the pillow raise their one hand and say “Khush Hua” loudly. The person seated on the right side will raise the left hand and the person seated left side will raise right hand.”

The idea of the game is to keep repeating these phrases one by one until a person messes up. The number of “machlis” indicates the number of times you have to say the phrase.

After the reel exploded across social media, people began coming up with their own versions for their own convenience.

Even big companies have taken advantage of the popularity of the reel to appeal to users:

What do you think? Is the reel here to stay?