Toyota Motor will not be running any TV commercials in Japan during the Olympics and neither will the president of Toyota Motor participate in the opening ceremony because of fears that the Games will take place during the epidemic will increase cases in the country.

After US tennis star Coco Gauff announced her withdrawal because she contracted Covid-19 and two South African football players were tested positive at the players village, and a positive test from a female American gymnast, Toyota which continues to be the worlds sponsor of the tournament was hesitant to continue showing advertisements for the games.

The decision not to show advertising was confirmed by Toyota spokeswoman Shino Yamada, who previously reported it to Kyodo News. Part of why President Akio Toyoda will not attend the inauguration ceremony is because no audience will be permitted to attend, Yamada added.

The first games sans spectators will be on Friday. Tokyo is dealing with an increase in coronavirus cases, prompting the government to announce the fourth state of emergency earlier this month.