When talking about influencers online, it seems impossible to not mention the influencers on Instagram. While all sorts of marketing methods are prevailing in the Digital era, influencer marketing is sure to stay for the long run.

With millions of accounts on the platform, self-proclaimed as influencers, brands have way too many options to collaborate and promote their products and services. It is common these days to prefer Instagram celebs over Bollywood ones! However, there are various factors that a brand must carefully consider before deciding to collaborate with any influencer.

Brands need to understand the –

1) Quality of content РIf a message is to be delivered to the audience via an influencer, it is best to have a look at their past work and understand their capabilities to do the same. This will help measure the engagement that such influencers will bring back on collaborating.

2) Relatability –¬†It is important to understand the relevance and relatability that an influencer brings back with the type of content they post. Depending on the product they want to promote, brands should select the influencer of that age group.

3) Engagement –¬†There is no doubt that engagement is the key element to any influencer collab. However, also keeping a track of the number of followers they have is also very necessary.