Popularisation of cosmetic surgery, many people are now seeking a solution to teeth alignment. However, people are often unaware and misled due to the inability to find reliable information about aligners.

With their latest #EasyPeasyToothsi campaign, Toothsi has focused on putting out the correct information about their aligners, leaving no room for misconceptions.

The well-acclaimed celebrity couple, Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli are the highlights of this campaign and they take the chance to educate viewers better. They taught about the aligners in a witty and easy tone.

Over time, we’ve come to understand that navigating the dental world can be confusing and overwhelming. Difficult decisions, hidden fees, and lengthy appointments have made most people give up on preventive care altogether.

To bring this to light, the campaign reflects on the factors that make Toothsi stand out, such as online delivery and compares it to be as convenient as ordering food through various apps.

The CEO of Toothsi, Dr. Arpi Mehta Shah, commented, “The talented duo Virat and Anushka personify youth and confidence with which our target audience can easily identify. Daring and fiercely talented Anushka and Virat, with their gorgeous and bold smiles, are the perfect fit for our brand. We believe together, we can take the brand to the next level and create awareness about new-age teeth straightening solutions.”

Founder of CreativeLand Asia, Sajan Raj Kurup, said “toothsi has a disruptive offer in their product – ordering online from their app and getting teeth fixed at home. Since we were looking at influencing behavioural change here, the most important point the campaign had to drive was to get the audience to understand this disruptive offering. We decided to go single-minded on delivering the idea of fixing your teeth at home is as easy as ordering from a food app or a pharmacy app and ride on the cache that has been created by some noticeable online brands to showcase the convenience of receiving a product or service right at your doorstep. We are delighted with the outcome.”

The campaign surely did the job of striking a chord when one thinks of ordering teeth aligners with ease!