In society, several stereotypes have been built around how a person is supposed to look. People are often shamed for not looking or dressing a particular way. This leads to them becoming insecure about their bodies and their self-image and this could further affect their individuality. They end up cultivating a dislike for the aspects of their bodies that make them unique only because they aren’t in line with the preconceived social stereotypes.

Titan Raga’s #FlauntYourFlaw campaign under its ‘Khudse Naya Rishta’ concept is a bold statement against body shaming. It implores people to wear their scars and flaws like a badge of honour. The TVC, created by Ogilvy, shows how a bunch of women proudly wear their scars and blemishes because that is a part of who they are and it embellishes their character. The ad delivers a powerful message while challenging social stereotypes and redefining what we may view as a flaw.

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