The Swipe Night event had been launched in the US version of the Tinder app last year and it will be making its way into India on September 12th and will be available for three successive weekends. The event is an interactive experience where app users will get to make key decisions to unravel a story by swiping left or right to unravel a unique story.

The story follows the adventures of an unlikely bunch of friends who are put in a dire situation while the user will play the protagonist. Lush with practical situations and ethical conundrums that will suggest who the user should match with once the story is completed based on their choices. The game puts the users in tight situations and needs them to act fast and each of their choices associates a personality trait to their profile.

Tinder has partnered with a bunch of popular celebrities to create unique and inciting stories and hopes to reel in a lot of users. The pandemic has given a substantial boost to the conversations on the app and the brand intends further capitalize on this by creating innovative experiences like these

Jim Lanzone, CEO of Tinder, said, “While the global health crisis continues, we believe Swipe Night can bring a welcome change of pace to our members around the world. We’re committed to driving innovation on Tinder that creates more ways to bring our members together, entertain them, and help them meet and get to know new people.”