Like every other app, Tinder has its way of coming up with new and effective ways to gain engagement on its platform. The application, known for uniting a romantic spark has yet again come up with an amazing campaign that makes it stand apart from other similar platforms.

This popular app in India and worldwide is known for the unique concept that it had introduced and now focuses on finding that uniqueness in every individual and encourages them to recognise the same through this campaign.

Tinder has come in collaboration with FILA, the acclaimed footwear brand, and released the campaign on individuality and self-expression. Tinder has released a limited edition, a capsule collection of 10 sneakers with FILA, hand-illustrated by artists across India, highlighting the theme of identity, authenticity and diversity.

“Inclusivity and acceptance are core values at Tinder and drive all our efforts. Regardless of gender identity and orientation, everyone is welcome on Tinder, and this gives them the freedom to make authentic connections based on who they are and what they want,” said Taru Kapoor, General Manager, Tinder and Match Group, India. “Streetwear symbols like sneakers are gender-neutral and strike against the rules and rituals of a conformist age that our Gen-Z members embody. The ‘All of a Kind’ collection is a brazen declaration of Gen Z individuality, pieces of wearable art that speaks volumes about their values, and a reminder for this generation that the key to finding yourself lies in authenticity and being your true self.”

The sneakers are illustrated in such a way that they represent every emotion that the generation faces and are eager to shed a light upon. A special masterclass was also conducted for illustrators to come together and share their pieces of uniqueness to the same.

The ‘All of a kind’ campaign had a contest wherein simple questions were to be answered, in order to win. The campaign was also taken offline and the collection was displayed across Delhi and Bangalore.

“We at FILA are delighted to join hands with Tinder in this one of a kind collaboration. As a brand, we are all about expressing ‘yourself’ in a way ‘you’ want to. And it is exciting to see what these artists have done to bring this philosophy to life on our iconic Disruptors, through their creative expression. More thrilled that this activation is done with an intent to raise funds for the NGO – Crea World, by auctioning these collectables” said Rohan Batra, Managing Director, Cravatex Brands Limited.