Meta’s Threads launched just a little over a month ago and has topped news headlines ever since. Despite a spectacular start, analytics have shown that its user base has plummeted over time. This is perhaps why Meta has begun rolling out several new features to cater to the demands of its users.

Users will now have the ability to see their liked posts through an app update. Meta began testing this new feature on beta Androids last week and began making it available to all their users over the weekend. Luckily, the process is fairly straightforward: users will be able to find their liked posts in Settings > Your Likes, which will be accessible through their profile page.

Users also be able to sort out their following list. This will be based on an “Earliest First” and “Latest First” criteria in order to give Threads users greater flexibility. In order to view their following list, users must go to their profile, tap on their followers facepile, and then go to the “Following” tab.

Additionally, users can upload media with higher quality. This is due to a new media upload quality option Meta has introduced, which is easily accessible through Settings > Account > Media quality. The ability to upload videos and images with better quality will undoubtedly reassure Threads users of Meta’s involvement in providing them with a better social media experience.

Mark Zuckerberg has also hinted at some future updates over the next few weeks, including highly demanded features like post search and web.


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