1 th April 2021, India: Ramadan is a month of fasting, sacrifices, prayers and reflecting on our innate sense of giving back. It emphasises the necessity to be sentimental with other’s needs. So, this year, Samaara Tea is back with a kadak campaign #NekiHarRoz that sheds light on the need to show kindness to others not only during Ramadan but throughout the year.

Samaara Tea has released an emotional video campaign that exemplifies the need to be understanding and compassionate. It is all about people coming together to celebrate this month of Eid together. It outlines the simple fact that no matter your culture, it is kindness that brings people together in times of need.

#NekiHarRoz is a narrative between two families – The Chopras and the Sheikhs. It commences with the Sheikhs talking about their coming Eid celebrations, which will be impacted because of their hectic work schedules. Mr Chopra stood listening to it all when the Sheikhs returned in the evening, they had a surprise in store. Not only had Mr Chopra made their Eid memorable with a heart-touching gesture, but he had welcomed them into his family with open arms. Made with a strong message and skillfully curated narrative, Samaara Tea wants to bring a positive shift with this campaign.

Apart from India, Samaara Tea has a strong foothold in countries like UAE, Dubai, South Africa, Bahrain, and Oman. Given its large audience, the video is to be made live in all the above countries. To further amplify the reach and engagement of the campaign, they will also introduce a contest. Its core purpose being, to express gratitude towards people who believe in the spirit and action of doing good deeds.

Mr Dheer Shah, Director, Samaara Tea, says ” As a large part of our patrons celebrate the festival of Ramadan. So, it felt only appropriate to commemorate this holy month with our take on doing good deeds. With this campaign, Samaara Tea aims to reunite families, irrespective of their background and upbringing. We hope that our message resonates with people, and they share our excitement towards this. We also hope to bring many more such kadak campaigns in the future for our audience.”

About Samaara Tea: Samaara Tea is a premium range of tea from the age-old Jivraj Tea Family catering to both national and international markets. The brand is present in countries such as the Middle East, South Africa, USA, UK, New Zealand, Europe and Singapore. Samaara caters to its audiences via its range of green tea, premixes, tea leaves and tea bags. Samaara has witnessed immense growth owing to its premium taste with 100% Assam blend. Currently in India, Samaara Tea is available on the website while internationally, it’s available in retail supermarket chains.