After the earlier ban of TikTok and other Chinese apps in India, the government of India has now put a ban on 118 other apps, and among them is PUBG which is quite a favourite among youngsters. The IT ministry justified this ban saying that this was in response to the numerous complaints they had been receiving regarding the misuse of data by these apps, allegedly being transmitted to servers outside the country.

Just like TikTok, the popular app was quite the phenomenon and was a definite feature in most young Indians’ phones and its ban came as quite a shock to them, leaving them terribly upset and they expressed their discontent on social media. The distraught fans of the game might have lost their favourite distraction at the end of a long and tiring day, and creators tried their best to lighten the mood with clever posts that made quirky PUBG references. This kind of moment marketing also helps brands deepen their relationship with their audiences. However, brands must remember to keep their content tasteful and be sensitive with this type of content or it might spark controversy.