Indian media is filled with raging viewers every now and then as advertisers either support a negative idea or slip out pitiful mistakes.

The best reaction that a brand could possibly give to such raging feedback is a withdrawal of the ad and apologising to the media.

To help advertisers avoid such blunders in the future, we’ve listed down some of the most controversial Indian advertisements of all time!

1) Layer’r Shot

A body spray brand that faced a lot of backlash due to its ad that interpreted the promotion of sexual violence against women.

2) Amul

During sensitive times, Amul’s advertisement gained negative feedback for being too insensitive with their controversial ad ‘Wuhan Se Yahan Le Aaye’ released during the pandemic.

3) Paytm

Even though Paytm is known for its interesting ads, one such ad put the brand’s reputation at stake. The ad portrayed a young child being slapped by his coach for not being attentive. Even though the boy showed progress later in the ad, viewers did not feel that the assault was justified.

4) Jawed Habib

Advertisements with any connection to religion have always faced a backlash to some extent. Jawed Habib’s ad banner featuring the Gods at a salon too received any feedback which was then calmed by the brand’s public apology.