For centuries, women have been at the bitter end gender stereotypes, often portrayed as the weaker sex and entire cultures have been built around this misrepresentation without questioning it. The stereotype promotes the idea that it is only women that need protection has often enabled oppression further.

Ayushmann Khurrana is back with The Man Company(a men’s grooming products company) to redefine these age-old gender stereotypes. To better represent the strong and independent women of the 21st century, the ad shows Ayushmann Khurrana tying a rakhi on his sister’s wrist as opposed to the norm of sister’s tying it on their brothers’ wrists. Sisters often protect their brothers from both physical and mental harm and are always a comforting presence when things seem to be going astray. With a subtle change, the Idea promotes the idea of gender equality very effectively. The campaign is live on the social handles of both Ayushmann Khurrana and The Man Company and it is a great step towards eliminating toxic masculinity from our society.