Shopping online has slowly become a part of our culture because the ease and the myriad of options that they bring which has simply become impossible for store retailers to match. It’s only natural for more and more brands to try to get into this game but only those with a strong advertising game truly stand out. In this age of competitive marketing, advertising tends to get fierce and brands need to take a direct jab at their competitors to establish their superiority. One such ferocious battle was witnessed between the e-commerce giants in India, viz. Flipkart, Snapdeal and Amazon. A bunch of other brands also tried to butt in and take advantage of the situation.

It all began when Flipkart started their campaign for their upcoming sale where they said, “Nahin Khareeda? #AchhaKiya” on their hoardings, implying that the sale would offer a better deal on the things we were recently reluctant at buying.

Snapdeal saw this as a great opportunity to take a prod at Flipkart and put up their own hoarding right next to it, which read, “Acha Kiya Bata Diya #YahanSeKharido” suggesting that they offer alluring offers all year round and we needn’t wait for any sale.

Amazon isn’t one to be left out of the race, so it struck with its own hoarding which read, “Kahi Nahi Mila? #YahaDekhLo” inferring that they offered the best line up of products and we’re more likely to find what we’re looking for there.

A bunch of non-competitor brands also nosed in to pillage the remains of this war by promoting their brand by putting up their own hoardings beside the ones mentioned above. Coupon Duniya, a coupons website, said that we will get better deals if we use coupons from their website. Olx, an online resale marketplace, advised us to sell our old items before buying a replacement. Paisabazaar, a loans marketplace, reminded us that we needed money to buy anything on these websites, suggesting that we could loan it form them.

Regardless of who won this war, it definitely put a smile on our faces and we hope they keep showering us with such fun and competitive advertising.