Cricket legend M.S Dhoni, affectionately known as ‘Thala’, has become a trend.

‘Thala’ derives from the Tamil language and translates to “head” or “leader”, signifying Dhoni’s influential role as the popular caption of CSK. As anticipation rises for IPL 2024,Β the internet is abuzz with the presence of ‘Thala” Dhoni, with his fans never missing an opportunity to weave his name into online discussions. This has spread like wildfire over the past few days with a bizarre and irresistible effect.

A particular trend has emerged where Dhoni’s iconic jersey Number 7 has become the focal point of random, mismatched associations. Referred to as ‘Thala for a reason” by the internet, this iconic and catching phrase has prompted his dedicated fans to link the number ‘7’ to anything and everything under the sun. From the colors of the rainbow to the seven pheras in a Hindi wedding to the seven continents of the world, the number 7 has been intertwined with various unrelated aspects of life.

In short, this new trend is a playground of madness of randomness.

What’s more, brands have joined in on the fun. Taking to social media to indulge in some moment marketing, they have gotten involved in the chaos.

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Dissect has 7 letters, the message is clear. Thala for a reason