Taylor Swift’s highly-anticipated album broke records before it even released.

Only one day ahead of her 11th studio album, The Tortured Poets Department, Swift broke Spotify’s record for the most pre-saved countdown page album in the streaming services’ history.

The countdown page for the album was launched on March 28 and has been updated weekly throughout the week, revealing new lyrics and featuring cryptic video clips. Fans have kept up with every update, eagerly awaiting the release.

Source: Elle

Spotify enhanced this excitement still further by offering ‘Swifties’ a literal library to celebrate her upcoming project before it officially dropped. In collaboration with Taylor Swift, the muted pink-and-grey setup it went on display in an open-air shopping mall on April 16th, offering dozens of easter eggs about the new album and other products. It teemed with dark academia props, including typewriters, fountain pens, clocks, manuscripts, and shelves lined with books.

Nor is Spotify the only app to leverage Swift’s popularity. Her lyrics were also the basis for an Apple Music word game. Her fans embarked on a treasure hunt to uncover a secret message within her lyrics which explored the five stages of grief. With one word uncovered daily, fans were delighted to realize to find out the first word was ‘GLITCH’. Some of these findings were shared on X (formerly Twitter):

Additionally, SiriusXM added a Swift radio station titled, “Channel 13 (Taylor’s Version)”, a QR code in Chicago painted on a brick wall directed fans to another Easter egg on YouTube, and Instagram and Threads have both added new features that celebrated her album, among others.

The Tortured Poets Department has been released today and has stunned fans by the revelation that it was actually a double album.

Stay tuned for more updates!