Tata Play has launched a brand-new #HarTVJingalala digital campaign to celebrate World Television Day.

Conceptualized and developed by Chimp&Z Inc., this new campaign pays homage to the enduring role of the television in uniting families and bringing joy to people across history. The film opens in a large household where a wise “Old TV” gets melancholy when it realizes that it is about to be replaced by a younger and more chic “New TV”.┬áThis capturing the nostalgia and melancholy of someone who has been with a family for a long time but is about to bid them goodbye. Both TVs come to life and exchange vivid dialogue, showcasing how important TVs are to foster happiness in households by allowing families to indulge in their interests, including cricket and SRK movies. The film ends with a twist where both the old and new television sets remain in the house, indicating the ease of installment that Tata Play offers.

Tata Play released the same ad on Instagram with the captivating caption, “Har TV kuch bolta hai, humare yaadon ki taar chedta hai”.

Through this campaign, Tata Play simultaneously celebrates World Television Day and cements its own position as a constant fixture of entertainment and comfort in people’s lives.

This campaign was released on Monday across Tata Play’s various social media handles and has gone viral on the internet. On YouTube alone, it has received 425k views till date with a flood of heartwarming comments.