While the festive season is right around the corner, various brands have ticked their calenders and are pushing themselves to market their products in the most creative ways. This season, Tata has decided to take a lead and has come up with a very interesting campaign that connects to the occasion and markets their edible product with the sound of it!

While there have been various eye-catching campaigns in the past, Tata develops an instant emotional connection with their latest one. It features the happiness, warmth, fun, excitement and the deep connection of the festival, all in one go!

The campaign revolves around the celebration of a south-Indian holiday ‘Pongal’ and the great spirit that it brings along. Tata’s sub-brand, Tata Coffee Grand has come up with this campaign under the name of ‘Sounds of Tamil Nadu’

The campaign in form of a short video features the different sounds that are associated with this grand celebration. It includes the musical echoes, the spoons stirring, anklets clinking, and so much more. All these actions are given a connection with a common sound of ‘Shik Shik Shik’ and this is where they market their coffee.

The sound is then referred to as a coffee pack being shaken and thus portraying the incompleteness of any festival without Tata coffee. How every aspect of the video comes together and shows interdependence for having a merry celebration connects to the viewers and leaves them with emotional Pongal memories to cherish