The year 2020 seems quite like a chapter ripped right out of a dystopian novel with one bizarre event occurring after the next. It is natural for people to panic as things get more and more dicey and confusing.

Amidst all the chaos, the Duo of Taproot Dentsu and Free Press Journal came together to start what would go on to become the longest-running Indian print campaign. They used effective minimalist designs to talk about various relevant topics in the country right now. It sensitively addressed subjects like fake news, the migrant crisis, safety during festivals, liquor store queues and the cyclones among other relevant topics. It also talks about mental health, how to care for the elderly, the condition of animals, physical fitness, and tips and precautions to fight against Coronavirus.

This project started on the 4th of April 2020 and is still ongoing. Over 67 creatives have been made in-house by Taproot Dentsu and you can view them as short and quirky 10-second animations on Free Press Journal’s Instagram handle.