Weve all heard of the moral police, but what about the Mask Police?

In a new campaign launched for Doctors Day, Tanishq pays homage to all the doctors, healthcare professionals, and their families that are working tirelessly, all through the pandemic, to keep the country and its people safe.

Created by Dentsu Webchutney, the campaign revolves around a little girl whos constantly looking out of her verandah to make sure that everyone is properly masked. Those who arent, get listed down on her journal and are chided for not wearing masks.

When her mother comes from work at the end of the day, the girl shows her the list who werent in compliance with the safety norms imposed. The mother, curious to know why her daughter has been listing people down, realizes that her daughter doesnt want her mother at the hospital working continuously. She wants her home, with her and the only way that could happen is if people pay heed to safety regulations and wear their masks properly. The campaign ends with the mother pulling out a Tanishq pendant for her daughter, saying that she would always be with her.

According to Ranjani Krishnaswamy, general manager – marketing, Tanishq, Titan Company, said, “Many of our consumers, who come from the medical community, have been bravely weathering the storm since last year (2020), helping us feel safe one day at a time. While we wanted to honour their resilient and relentless spirit, we also wanted to pause and applaud the unconditional support offered by their families.

“It requires immense strength, courage, and selflessness to let your loved ones battle it out every single day for the greater well-being of others in need. This film is our humble salute to all such doctors and their inspiring families.”

Binaifer Dulani, Creative director, Dentsu Webchutney, added, “The narrative spun around the medical community often refers to them as superheroes – but when we do that, we fail to acknowledge that they are also human. Through this pandemic, they have constantly had to put us and our families ahead of their own, and that is an emotionally draining decision to make.

“This film tries to show a real relationship between a mother, who is a doctor-frontliner, and her daughter, and through it, helps us all empathize with the medical community.”