Kerala is all set to celebrate Onam, the annual harvest festival which includes a colourful range of cultural events. Food delivery app Swiggy has unveiled a campaign that captures the essence of Onam’s grand festive lunch: Onam Sadhya.

The film has been conceptualized by Mind Your Language and is set to an adaptation of AR Rahman hit Padakaali from yesteryear Mohallal movie Yoddha. Its aim is to showcase all the key elements of Kerala’s most important harvest festival. It opens with a classic game of tug-of-war (‘Vadamvali’) which is instantly ditched when someone announces that the Sadhya is ready. As the teams continue their ‘war’ singing about the three different varieties of payasam, someone asks: “Are there only three varieties of payasam?” In response, Swiggy is presented as a perfect solution by delivering the fourth variety. After the hearty meal, the people happily rest.

It ends with Swiggy’s tempting offer: a 40% discount for ordering a grand feast using Swiggy’s delivery app, lasting from August 16th to 31st.

The structure of the film allows Swiggy to create an engaging and heartwarming narrative celebrating Onam and, by the end, effectively recenter it around Swiggy’s promotional deal.

Swiggy’s advertisement campaign is the latest example of their south-focused ads targeting a new market.