Victims of rape and harassment are often discouraged from seeking justice in India. This often comes from the victims own families due to societal pressures. The truly bizarre thing, however, is that the women who do seek justice are shamed for their wearing a particular kind of clothes, drinking alcohol or staying out late, while men get a free pass for doing the very same things. What’s more? The shaming oftentimes comes from other women. More often than not, the men involved in the harassment or rape cases are pardoned and the women still have to go through the trauma. made excellent use of satire to raise awareness about how the fault isn’t in women’s clothes but in rapists’ minds. They marketed their Super Sanskari Sarees as “Clothing for objects who want to be treated like women”, sarcastically poking fun at people who objectify women to justify the vilest ideas. The aim of the campaign, however, is not to make fun of people but to educate them. The fact that women are told to be careful instead of educating men about consent is what encourages rape culture. A general lack of awareness regarding consent is a major complication that plagues Indian societies. The campaign uses Sarees that completely cover women from head to toe to drive this point home.

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