Sunfeast Dark Fantasy has announced Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan as the new face of their brand.

After teasing fans about their potential partnership with the popular actor, and releasing a few short videos featuring him, Sunfeast Dark Dantasy has finally unveiled their collaboration with Shah Rukh Khan. He will be at the helm of their brand-new campaign ‘HarDilKiFantasy’, which aims to establish an emotional connection with their consumers by inviting them to embark on an extraordinary adventure with a touch of fantasy and magic.

The partnership between the “King of Biscuits” and “King of Bollywood” will undoubtedly work wonders. Shah Rukh Khan is well known for his universal appeal, which aligns perfectly with Sunfeast Dark Fantasy’s universal message. His massive fan following will also give them a larger, ready-made platform to market their products.

Sunfeast Dark Fantasy recently launched a film featuring the actor, set in the backdrop of a salon where a young woman, frustrated at the delay of her appointment, indulges in a Sunfeast Dark Fantasy chocolate. This transports her to her magical fantasy of SRK as her personal hairstylist. While her dream is short-lived, the film ends with her offering another cookie to her friend, inviting her to join in on the extraordinary experience.


The ‘HarDilKiFantasy’ campaign is set to launch across India in 8 different languages and will be broadcasted across digital platforms and television channels in order to acheive the maximum reach.