Everyone needs doctors, right?

To celebrate National Doctors Day, Sun Pharma has introduced the #SecondBirthDate initiative as a way to express their heartwarming gratitude for the unflinching and incomparable compassion of doctors. Their campaign aims to give tribute to doctors for their phenomenal contributions to society and life.

To amplify the reach of this initiative, cricketer Rishabh Pant and actor Mahima Chaudhry have taken the lead on social media by updating their handles with a #SecondBirthDate hashtag as a tribute to the doctors who have saved both their lives. These mention Rishabh’s #SecondBirthDate as “5th Jan 2023” and Mahima’s as “8th Nov 2022”.



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Following their inspiring lead, Indians from all across the country have joined this movement. This includes several celebrities and influencers like film actor Rahul Roy, celebrity nutritionist Dr. Siddhant Bhargava and TV actor Chhavi Mittal. All of them have expressed heartfelt gratitude towards the doctors who have deeply impacted their lives.