Facebook’s New Product Experimentation(NPE) team recently launched a platform called Tuned for iOS users in the USA and Canada, which is designed specifically for couples. A step away from the overly invasive and public lives that people live on mainstream social media, Tuned seeks to be a private space for couples to just be themselves without inhibitions or worries of embarrassment. It encourages users to be as mushy and silly with each other as they would be in the flesh, even when they’re away from each other.

The app provides users with the option to creatively express their affection for each other by sharing their mood using custom stickers and reactions. It connects to Spotify so users can share what music they’re listening to and also allows them to exchange photos, cards and voice notes. What’s more? It creates a scrapbook of all these special moments. It is free to use and does not require you to have a Facebook account. It is essentially yet another chatting app but designed explicitly for couples. One significant downside is the fact that it is subject to Facebook’s data rules, which means that the user’s data will be used for ad targeting.

Ground-breaking innovation or yet another fad, this remains to be seen. This, however, is the exact purpose of the NPE team. They can experiment with radical new concepts without causing much damage to Facebook itself. We hope that they keep churning out fun new concepts like this one to break the monotony and make social media more organic.