India is facing its worst pandemic currently. With resources depleting at an extremely fast rate, we’re becoming helpless minute by minute.

However, few start-ups are launching various initiatives to help combat the pandemic.

Paytm announced that it was aiming to raise Rs 10 crore and import 3,000 oxygen concentrators for government and private hospitals, COVID-19 care centers, NGOs, and resident welfare associations, as part of its initiative called ‘Oxygen for India’.

Paytm also asked its users to contribute money on its website, and it promised to match each donation rupee for rupee.

According to the company, it has already put an order for 1,000 oxygen concentrators worth Rs 4 crore. Users have now donated up to Rs 1.5 crore, and the Paytm Foundation has matched the number, bringing the total raised to Rs 3 crore.

Cred’s Founder and CEO, Kunal Shah, tweeted that the company aims to raise funds for procuring 1 billion liters of oxygen. It has partnered with Milaap to ensure that contributions reach hospitals in need. He encouraged CRED members to donate their CRED coins towards the initiative to help battle the shortages of oxygen in the country.