SRK’s ‘Dunki’ is finally in theatres, receiving mixed reviews but winning the hearts of fans across the nation. Amidst complicated messages and humorous donkey fights, the film is also a hotspot for brand integrations and references.┬áSome are obvious and some are easy to miss, but once you see them, you can’t look away!

Whether purposeful or not, here are some of the many brand integrations we could find:

  • Apple: Various characters, including SRK, are shown using Apple iPhones. One such character is Bakir, who assists the four protagonists and carries a bold red iPhone.
  • Apollo Tyres: While this is a subtle scene, it is nonetheless noticeable. Pannu’s foot shots draw viewers’ attention to their car’s Apollo Tyres, ensuring that the reference contributes to the overall setting.
  • Aramax: A comparatively minor reference, the film subtly incorporates it as the courier brand in London that facilitate the exchange of messages between the four friends.
  • Astral Pipes: This one can’t be missed. The film opens with Shah Rukh Khan’s entry into a race and prominently features the astral pipes. Posters of the brand also decorate the backdrop of the scene.
  • BKT Tires: A typical Bollywood entertainer, tractors featured heavily in ‘Dunki’, and all of them predominantly displayed BKT Tyres’ branding.
  • Coca-Cola: Tapsee Pannu strikes a signature pose against a strategically placed larger-than-life Coca-Cola billboard in London.
  • GMC Cars: In the scenes where Saudi Arabia is shown, GRM cares are the ones used in most of the scenes. This simultaneously establishes the setting and underscores the brand’s visibility.
  • Qatar Airways: In ‘Dunki’, characters frequently take off on air journeys between London and Punjab, with Qatar Airways is predominantly their airline of choice. Viewers get a firsthand glimpse of the airline’s warmth, hospitality and well-decorated interiors.
  • Ray-Ban: SRK’s entry scene features him donning an iconic pair of black and gold rimmed Ray Bans. Throughout the film, he continues to sport these signature shades.
  • Toyota: Subtle but nonetheless conspicuous, the policemen of Saudi Arabia are shown in Toyotas in the iconic car chase scene.
  • Vespa: Tapsee Pannu is often seen traversing the streets of his town on an old-fashioned Vespa scooter, making its reference impossible to miss.

Were there any other brand references that you noticed? Let us know in the comments below!