Spotify India launched an inventive Twitter campaign #PlayThis on World Music Day. The idea was to let the Twitterverse discover playlists by using their favourite emojis. The campaign, conceptualized by 22feet Tribal Worldwide, part of the DDB Mudra Group, gained traction almost instantly with people experimenting with different emojis to explore playlists. The engagement soon grew exponentially to the point where #Playthis trended at #5 around the world. It made its way into the top 10 Twitter topics in over 17 countries including India, Australia, USA and Canada. It also ranked No.14 as the “Longest Trending Hashtag Worldwide” on Twitter worldwide.

The campaign was directed at the youth who enjoy expressing themselves through emojis and Spotify boasts of having a playlist for every emotion. Building on this thought, the idea was brought to life with a first-of-its-kind Twitter partnership in India, where an engine was created to map all the emojis available on both Android and iOS platforms. These 3304 emojis were then systematically mapped to specifically curated Spotify playlists. All one had to do was tweet an emoji of their choice, and in a matter of seconds, they received a playlist representing that emotion.

The campaign performed exceedingly well even with users actively tweeting about World Yoga Day, Father’s Day and Donald Trump’s Oklahoma rally among others, which all occurred on the same day. Reaching over 243k conversations globally, Spotify India generated 39k engagements on Twitter within 24 hours.

Spotify India's #PlayThis Twitter campaign by 22feet Tribal ...

Elaborating on the campaign, Debashish Ghosh, National Creative Director, 22feet Tribal WW said, “Music and emojis have quite a few things in common – both are universal languages that transcend boundaries and allow emotions to be expressed and shared. We decided to intersect these two and explore the ideas that emerged once we added Spotify’s key differentiator – their curated playlists, as the third element into the mix. That’s how #PlayThis on World Music Day came about. It was designed to connect in the moment with music fans and elevate their experience by making it participatory and personalised on the back of an automated engine. The response has been phenomenal and humbling, to say the least. It reaffirms the belief that simple ideas still fly high.”