Marketing does not always confide to advertising your own products. It can be taken a step further through different methods that deliver a better reach, higher engagement and greater feedback.

One such method that has been tested and proven by countless brands is co-branding. If you come across a company that is missing something that your company could fill in, it can prove to be a beneficial opportunity for both firms.

To boost visibility and sales, here are some examples of brands that have benefitted from co-branding-

1) Spotify & Uber

We’re surprised to see how they did not co-brand all along. Since music and long rides seem like a perfect fit, this collaboration allowed Spotify users to create a playlist specifically for their Uber rides.

2) Redbull & GoPro

While most co-brandings take place in order to widen the scope of the audience, this collaboration was done specifically to target the same group of audience and assure their loyalty.

Felix Baumgartner’s jump from space got this collaboration the most reach. Redbull sponsored the suit and the spectacular angles were captured from GoPro.

3) Nike & Michael Jordan

Here, a public figure and a brand came together to create a product that was sold out worldwide. The NBA legend co-branded with Nike to together create an alluring collection of exclusive footwear.

To date, this collaboration continues to bring back profits.

4) McDonald’s & Burger King

For a special occasion, the two biggest fast-food competitors joined arms and promised to donate $2 for every sale of Big Mac. Since the sale was done through McDonald’s, Burger King took the credit for advertisement that boosted its reputation as well.