Constantly updating social media platforms has been an essential part of keeping the audience engaged, especially with the ever-increasing competition to overpower. Hence, users have noticed some remarkable changes on various platforms over the last few years and it still persists to date.

With Instagram being the hot topic of conversation with their latest NFT integration updates, Snapchat too is talked about with its newest approach of easing user flexibility.

As Snapchat’s team is no doubt aware of how shopping and sharing have always been their forte in terms of engaging users, collaboration with a shopping platform altogether was expected.

For 142M buyers who shop on eBay globally, Snapchat has opened a new doorway to quicker sharing and shopping opportunities.

Interactions and redirection to the shopping window will be a benefitting collaboration for eBay too as it will enable faster potential conversions with just a share.

Differing from the former ‘Visual Search’ feature of Snapchat, this feature can be shared by –

  • Opening the eBay app and selecting any listing
  • Tapping the ‘Share’ icon and choosing the newly-introduced Snapchat option
  • Create an original snap alongside the eBay sticker