Snapchat is testing a new closed beta feature called Brand Profiles. It will give users access to all the factors that add to a brand’s presence on Snapchat in one place. Additionally, mobile and web management tools will also be available to brands so they can review insights and data to understand their audience better and thus enhance their presence on the platform.

They will also be able to make use of the newly launched resources like Lens Web Builder that will allow brands to effortlessly build custom AR lenses without the help of skilled creators. These lenses can be used by brands to create custom experiences and help to build brand recall. All of the AR lenses created by a brand will be available on Brand Profiles along with Snapchat Search and Lens Explorer. The new feature will also enable brands to share public Stories and will also allow brands to permanently display their favourite Stories as Highlights. As described by Snapchat, “This is the best way for Snapchatters who aren’t familiar with a brand to get to know who they are”

By partnering up with Shopify, Snapchat has made it possible for users to browse products from the native stores in Brand Profiles and then make purchases within

the app itself. The new feature thus enables brands to create an end to end presence from studying their audience, creating content, displaying their products and enabling users to buy them.