While many businesses opt for Instagram, Facebook and Linkedin, one such underlying medium in terms of business is Snapchat. Even though it is one of the most-used top 15 social media platforms around the world, Snapchat is more dominantly used on a personal level.

With over a million snaps sent and seen every single day with global usage of 320 million daily as per the 4th quarter of 2021, Snapchat too can serve as a great platform for marketing a business.

Setting up a business account on Snapchat is a piece of cake for many and can skillfully benefit the marketers trying to survive on another platform.

Key Elements Of Using Snapchat For Business

1) Allowing users to welcome you 

For achieving reach on any new platform used by a business, the existing users must be familiar with its presence. The use of Instagram, Twitter or other spaces where the business already has an image can be used to redirect the audience to Snapchat. Besides cross-marketing, businesses can also use other means such as-

  • Sharing profile links directly
  • Creating a custom Snapcode for personalisation
  • Marketing the profile URL through bios, emails, websites and more


2) Strategising before starting 

The most differentiating quality of Snapchat is the age group of its users. Since most Snapchatters are under the age of 35, brands must thoroughly strategise and opt for Snapchat if their product feels suitable. Other necessary steps also include-

  • Knowing about the competitors
  • Defining objectives
  • Outlining brand communication
  • Having a planned content calendar


3) Tracking the insights 

Snapchat too allows businesses to learn and comprehend if their strategies are positively accepted by the viewers. Using built-in tools to have precise analysis and keep a track of the-

  • Views
  • Reach
  • Age group
  • Interests, etc


Wrapping up

Snapchat is a platform that offers vast possibilities for marketers to create and retain a brand image and see an effective increase in the reach with the help of various other methods available. Once a business sets up its Snapchat account and understands the basics, exploring the app only opens newer opportunities!