Snapchat makes its user experience more enlightening by introducing its latest set of features for the festive season. The trending communication app now allows exclusivity for specific users who choose ‘Snapchat +, a paid introduction within the app.

Keeping the festive spirits in mind, the app allows existing members to gift this subscription to their followers within this app.

The app also allows multiple ways to customize their Snapchat feed.

Snapchat extends the flexibility of story-sharing for its users. Users can now customise their story expiration ranging from an hour to showing up for a whole week. This allows better engagement with the followers and keeps them reminded of the greater achievements shared.

The app now also makes it easier for users to identify who’s snapping them through custom notification sounds that can be enabled for any number of followers.

To add to the festive touch, the Bitemojis now get special backgrounds depending on the mood.

Not just these, Snapchat + continues to become an exciting way to keep users interested in the app with over 12 new features.